Transformers Babe Takes Residence in Loft


Shacking up with Marsden, Miller and Wilson

Patrick Wilson (Insidious), Wentworth Miller (Resident Evil: Afterlife), James Marsden (X-Men) and Isabel Lucas (pictured, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) have signed up for Loft, a thriller that’s actually a remake of a 2008 Belgian film.

Erik Van Looy is returning to the director’s chair to adapt his flick for American audiences. Van Looy, however, is working from a script by Wesley Strick (A Nightmare on Elm Street) this time.

Sounds like the murder mystery version of Billy Wilder’s The Apartment, the film is set against the backdrop of a loft where a group of friends bring their mistresses. One day, however, the body of a woman shows up and the friends begin to suspect one another of murder.

Eric Stonestreet will co-star.

Source: Variety