Baruchel on Adapting Random Acts of Violence, Exorcism Diaries


Actor is getting serious about horror

Who would have thought that horror would have a champion in actor Jay Baruchel?

The actor who has appeared in Tropic Thunder, Almost Famous, Knocked Up and the upcoming thriller Good Neighbors once said in the press that he’d like to be Canada’s next David Cronenberg.

Later, he signed up to adapt the graphic novel “Random Acts of Violence” and the non-fiction book “The Exorcism Diaries.”

Of the former project, Baruchel told the Montreal Gazette: “It’s real cool. It’s a neat horror comic. It’s not a question of filming just exactly what’s in the comic. Some things work as a comic and don’t work onscreen and vice versa.”

In “Random Acts of Violence,” a comic book writer and artist hit the big time with a slasher comic. They set off on a signing tour and a trail of bodies are being left in their wake. The tale touches on fandom and the possible influence of horror entertainment on disturbed individuals. Definitely recommended.

Barchel’s adaptation of Mark Opsasnick’s “Exorcism Diaries,” “came about when I was having a meeting at Summit about something else,” the actor-writer says. “I told them how, much as I’ve liked acting and it’s afforded my family a good life, it’s not my heart. I said, ‘All I’ve ever wanted to do is write and direct horror.’ And they said, ‘Would you ever write something that you wouldn’t be in?’ And I said, ‘No, no, you don’t understand. My preference is to write things I won’t be in. I’m trying to get out of this crazy job.’ And the original Exorcist is one of my top-five favourite movies of all time and it’s my favourite horror movie of all time. So I had a surplus of ideas and inspiration for it.”

We’re eager to see what this guy can do!

Source: Montreal Gazette