Paul is Undead Shuffles Over to Sham Productions


Will develop book for the big screen

Someone else is going to have another go at bringing the novel “Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion” to the screen.

About a year ago, Double Feature announced it acquired the screen rights. Today, we received work that the Los Angeles-based entertainment venture Sham Productions has taken over those rights to Alan Goldsher’s Beatles/zombie remix novel.

“Paul Is Undead” follows the story of the zombified Fab Four, from their early days shuffling through the foul sewers of Liverpool, to the infamous Shea Stadium riot that almost destroyed New York, to the breakup that turned Abbey Road Studios into rubble.

Of his screenplay, Goldsher says, “It’s loyal to the book’s oral history vibe. The film will be done mocumentary-style; I envision a big budget Behind The Music. You’ve got Mick Jagger as a zombie hunter, you’ve got Ringo Starr as a Ninja, and you’ve got John Lennon eating all the brains you can shake a guitar at, so I figure some lucky director will have a blast with this.”

Source: Shock Till You Drop