First Look at Ana de Armas in Blind Alley


From the co-writer of The Devil’s Backbone

Antonio Trashorras makes his directorial debut with Blind Alley and we’ve got your first look at actress Ana de Armas in the thriller.

Trashorras co-penned The Devil’s Backbone with Guillermo del Toro. He shot Blind Alley in Colombia Diego Cadavid and Leonor Varela and his first endeavor in the director’s chair is being shown off at Cannes.

In a tiny laundrette hidden down an alleyway, Rosa (De Armas) finds herself trapped, completely isolated and unable to escape the nightmarish situation of being attacked by a serial killer. At the break of dawn and after hours of anguish, immersed in the sadistic game of rat and mouse the killer has subjected her to, the young girl will discover something even more disturbing about the nature of her aggressor.

Source: Shock Till You Drop