L.A.: Are You Going to the Weekend of Horrors?


John Carpenter, Asia Argento and more guests

This weekend, Creation will unleash the Weekend of Horrors event on Los Angeles May 14 and 15 at Marriott Hotel Los Angeles Airport.

Shock is getting in on the fun. We’ll be recording an episode or two of Choice Cuts from the show, bringing you the sights and sounds from the two-day love letter to horror. Here’s a complete breakdown of what’s to come…

• Robert Englund, the beloved star of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movies, who will talk about his upcoming role in BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON

• John Carpenter, the legendary horror/sci-fi director from HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK in a rare public appearance

• Asia Argento, actress, director and writer from THE STENDHALL SYNDROME, who will make her Weekend of Horror’s debut

• Legendary star from Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS and MARNIE Tippi Hedren will appear on stage

• BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON panel with star Robert England and cast members

• HALLOWEEN panel with director John Carpenter (THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK THE THING and THEY LIVE) and cast members Nancy Loomis (ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, THE FOG) and Charles Cyphers (THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK)

• 25th Anniversary of DEMONS panel with director Lamberto Bava, special effects/makeup expert Sergio Stivaletti and cast members Bobby Rhodes (known as “Tony the Pimp”) and Geretta Geretta (Rosemary in Demons)

• THE STENDHALL SYNDROME panel with the star Asia Argento and others

Also, scary favorites not to be missed include: Lance Henriksen, ALIEN, ALIEN 3, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, and TV series MILLENIUM; Tom Savini, makeup FX legend from DAWN OF THE DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13TH, MANIAC; and appearing in a special Creature Panel will be Fred M. Andrews, award winning production designer and Daniel Bernhardt, star of BLOOD IS BLOOD, AKA LOCKJAW, and MORTAL KOMBAT CONQUEST.

Joining this year’s convention will be MTV’s DEATH VALLEY, a scripted horror-comedy that captures the exploits of the men and women of the Undead Task Force (UTF) – an elite branch of the LAPD that was formed when the San Fernando Valley became overrun by zombies, vampires and werewolves. The DEATH VALLEY Panel will be hosted by Ted Raimi, director/actor/writer, and will feature the series ensemble cast Caity Lotz from MAD MEN, Bryce Johnson from SLEEPING DOGS LIE, Texas Battle (FINAL DESTINATION 3,) Charlie Sanders from FUNNY OR DIE and the producing team Julie Kellman Reading (EP), Austin Reading (EP), Eric Weinberg (EP) and Spider One (Co-EP).

A steady stream of indie filmmakers will come together and speak about their experiences and give tips including: Mike Flanagan, ABSENTIA; Dustin Warburton, TASTE, STRANGE THINGS AND MORTICIAN’S FOOD; David Reda, HORROR OF OUR LOVE; and James Ryan Gary, DEVIL’S CROSSING.

Join the cast and crew of the Subspecies: The Epic Collection for a look back in an informal question and answer session. Participants will be Andres Hove, Ted Nicolaou and Denice Duff.

On Saturday, May 14 at 6:45 PM, Weekend of Horrors will host a Creepy Costume Contest that will offer prizes to the winners.

Marc Draven’s Ink Fusion Tattoo Festival will be onsite all weekend with the “When the Worlds of Tattooing and Comic Collide” tour. Professional tattoo artists will be on hand to create custom tattoo designs and performed on clients 18 years or older.

For the ghoul in all of us, you’ll want to dress in your finest zombie attire for the Weekend of Horrors Zombie Walk! On Saturday, May 14 at 10 AM, attendees will gather in the Foyer of the convention hotel and then start the official blood red route as the helpless public will watch and gasp. Gifts will be given to all participants in zombie wear.

A dealers’ room filled with vendors selling horror film merchandise and collectibles is sure to entice attendees along with photo ops. and autographs. Also, The Grindhouse Frightful Film Room will offer a marathon of horror and cult film screenings, courtesy of The Grindhouse Film Festival.

Weekend of Horrors is sponsored by Rue Morgue, Horrorhound Magazine, 100 Years of Monster Movies, Coffin Case, Screamfest Horror Film Festival and Dreadcentral.com and produced by Creation Entertainment, a leading entertainment marketing and merchandising company.

General admission tickets are $25 on Saturday and $20 on Sunday. Tickets for children 7-12 are $10 at the door only, and children six and under are free with parent or guardian. Show hours are Saturday, 10 AM–7 PM, and Sunday, 10 AM–6 PM.

Visit the official site for more details!

Source: Shock Till You Drop