Compton, Biehn & Fisher Enter the Darkness


Writer-director Simon Foster’s upcoming thriller

Sounding like a bit of Stephen King’s “Cell” and Brad Anderson’s Vanishing on 7th Street, the upcoming film The Darkness has found its cast members.

Halloween‘s Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Biehn (The Terminator) and Frances Fisher (Unforgiven) are set to star for writer-director Simon Foster.

Foster is presently in pre-production and is expected to begin shooting next month. Here is a detailed synopsis:

When the world is plunged into darkness, Greg Stonehaven has to somehow get to his children two hundred miles away. All forms of communication have stopped working. No cell phones, no Internet, no television, and to make matters worse the absence of sunlight is resulting in regular power failures as the electrical grid struggles with unprecedented demand. It soon completely fails. People are confused and very frightened and their only sources of artificial light will soon run out. People are going missing everywhere and whatever you do stay in the light!

Source: Shock Till You Drop