Behind-the-Scenes Video from Livid


From the makers of Inside

Sure, we’re excited about a few American horror films arriving this year, but it cannot match the anticipation we hold for Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s Livid. You remember those cats from France, right? They’re the duo behind Inside and at the American Film Market last year, Shock was the first to deliver you a first look at Livid here and here.

Well, some behind-the-scenes interviews were conducted and posted on YouTube. You can watch them below; it’s even better if you know French and understand what’s being said.

Starring Beatrice Dalle, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Catherine Jacob and Chloe Coulloud, the film concerns a gal named Lucy on her first day as a caregiver. She visits Mrs. Jessel, a lonely old woman who lies in a coma in her large remote house. Hearing of a treasure that Mrs. Jessel, a celebrated dance teacher, has supposedly hidden for years, Lucy and friends, William and Ben, decide to search for it.

At night, after crossing the heath, they break into Mrs. Jessel’s house, and enter its darkness. It won’t last long before they discover the most unexpected treasure, as well as the true identity of Mrs. Jessel, who just woke up…

Source: Tete A Claps on YouTube