War Games Turns Paintball Deadly…Again


Win or die trying

Whoa, deja vu, man… It looks like someone has already remade Paintball!

I’m kidding, of course, but there are similarities between that film and War Games, a new thriller we’ve just received the trailer for. The latter is an Italian production directed by Cosimo Alemà that tells of a paintball game that goes awry. It was formerly known at At the End of the Day.

Sorry, this WarGames is not connected to the Matthew Broderick film, but it does look like it has a dash of Severance. We’ll keep you updated when we hear of distribution news.

A game of paintball turns deadly when three unhinged and deranged ex-soldiers play a twisted mind game of catch and release with their unsuspecting victims. This quickly leads to a bloody man hunt where everyone is a target, and no one is safe.

Source: Shock Till You Drop