Teaser Art for Liars All With Sara Paxton


Psychological thriller set on New Year’s Eve

Shock scored a peek at some early sales artwork for director Brian Brightly’s Liars All, a new thriller lensing in Los Angeles. Matt Lanter, Sara Paxton, Gillian Zinser and Torrance Coombs star and Shock was on the set recently to check out a day of shooting, so hold tight for some exclusive interviews.

It’s New Year’s Eve in London and a group of friends are playing a provocative game that spins out of control and ends in murder. Despite an immediate police investigation, the true killer remains elusive amidst conflicting testimony and hidden motives. A night of shared secrets and newfound intimacies takes unexpected turns, resulting in an explosive outcome that will change their lives forever. LIARS ALL is a haunting, psychosexual thriller about desire…and how far some will go to win.

Source: Shock Till You Drop