The Final Destination 5 Trailer, Poster Art is Here!


It’s kill or be killed!

The trailer for New Line’s Final Destination 5 (the franchise has re-embraced its numerical title after The Final Destination) has made its premiere.

Fans will be happy to see that Tony Todd appears to have a larger presence this time. And it’s interesting to see that the trailer leads with what we’re told is one of the film’s triumphant kills. You also get a tease of the opening disaster. Click on the player below to check it out!

Emma Bell, Nick D’Agosto, Miles Fisher and Arlen Escarpeta star in this entry directed by Steven Quale. Look for it in theaters August 12.

Thanks to “Ben” for the heads-up!

Update: You can now watch the trailer below or right here in HD! And scroll down for a very “Faces of Death”-esque teaser poster!

Source: Shock Till You Drop