What’s Up with Shelter?


Psychological thriller from the directors of Underworld 4

Swedish filmmakers Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein got a lot of attention for their 2005 thriller Storm to the point where they were able to score the coveted gig directing next year’s Underworld 4. In between, they made their American debut with a star-studded psychological thriller called Shelter, starring Julianne Moore as a forensic psychiatrist, who learns that her patient, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has multiple personalities that are murder victims. The movie finished filming years ago but has yet to be released theatrically in the States despite the Weinstein Company picking up the rights to release it.

ShockTillYouDrop.com had a chance to talk to the filmmakers recently and we wondered what happened to the movie and whether we might ever see it.

Stein gave us a rundown of the problems the movie faced on its way to getting made. “When we did it, what happened was first, there was this bank crisis, and then because there’s Japanese owners involved, they were forced to stop and not take in any films for a couple of months, so we went on hiatus. Then that was solved and everything settled, because then they brought in another part, so there were two owners, and then just as we were about to be released, the other owners were bankrupt suddenly, so we were like “F*ck” so time goes by and then two or three countries released it because it was supposed to be released a year and a half ago, so everybody was lined up, but since this thing fell apart, everything got shifted. It was on hiatus but a couple countries released it anyway, Weinsteins picked it up and everything was set for release now in January or February, but since it was out in a couple countries, the cinema chains were like, ‘Aw f*ck, I don’t know if I can release this because it’s out there on the internet.”

His partner joined in with, “And it sucked so bad, because the trailer is kickass and we saw the posters and we were like, ‘Wow, great posters! It’s just one of those political things that happens.'”

“So it just f*cking sucks,” Stein agreed. “We were told that it’s not uncommon that it happens so right now, we’re in the cloud of ‘Underworld’ so we haven’t talked to those guys in months. We were going over for the premiere and then it got nixed at the last second ‘cause of the cinema chains, so I don’t know.”

The duo seemed doubtful we might see it anytime soon, because it’s caught up in the same Weinstein Company* miasma that includes movies like Shaghai, but here’s hoping people will have a chance to see it before Underworld 4 comes out in early 2012.

(*When asked, our contact at the Weinstein Company had nothing new to report on whether and when we might see the Swedish filmmakers’ long-delayed movie.)

Source: Edward Douglas