The First Episode of The Dead Must Die is Here


A new web series

Daily Motion launched The Dead Must Die today. It’s a comedy/horror web series set up after the inevitable “Zombie Apocalypse” caused by the volcanic ash could from Iceland.

It follows two video game geeks, Steve (Stephen Russell) and other Steve (Jonny Helm) as they navigate through the wild terrain of their long awaited (and often discussed) Zombie Apocalypse. Unfortunately, neither of them is really prepared for the reality of the situation. Through blizzards, anti-zombie hate mobs, sand-eating, creepy nameless ninja chicks, crossbows, and moms, our heroes shall venture forth into this new world, where there is only one thing they can be certain of: that “The Dead Must Die!”

Created by Matthew Snyman and launched in partnership with Dailymotion, the series will run for a total of seven episodes.

The Dead Must Die: Episode 1 – A tale of 2 Steves by thedeadmustdie

Source: Daily Motion