A Teen Wolf Banner is Afraid of Love?


Remember when all he wanted was beer and van rides?

Our brothers at Coming Soon premiered a new banner for MTV’s Teen Wolf, the series poised to debut on June 5. The first installment kicks off a 12-episode run.

In the series, Scott (Tyler Posey) was just a regular guy until one bite changed his life forever. Now he struggles to understand who he is and what he might become. Is he more wolf than human – or is it the other way around? Whichever it is, it’s not going to be easy. Scott will try to control his urges, but mostly he’s scared that it’s his urges that could end up controlling him.

“Teen Wolf” is the story of Scott as he tries to walk the line between what he wants and what he can’t help from wanting. Will the bite end up being a gift? Or will it be a curse? And what will it all mean for his relationship with Allison (Crystal Reed) – the girl he can’t get enough of? Only time will tell if he should embrace his newfound powers, or if he should fear them.

Click here to see the banner in hi-res.

Source: Coming Soon