Tom Six Talks Human Centipede (Full Sequence)


And will there be a third film?

Writer-director Tom Six chatted with Entertainment Weekly about The Human Centipede‘s enduring power in pop culture and, of course, the sequel, The Human Centipede (Full Sequence).

“It’s going out after the summer, Part 2” Six said, “not many people have seen it. Only the distributor and the people who worked in post production. They think itâ??s really crazy. I made this joke about Part 1 being My Little Pony compared to Part 2. People at the distribution company (IFC), at the first screening they had, some people walked away because they couldnâ??t handle the things they are seeing. But they absolutely love it. They think itâ??s going to explode because of whatâ??s happening with Part 1 and South Park and stuff. Part 2 is really something else.”

Six is referring to, if you haven’t seen it, the South Park episode in which they spoofed the film with the “Human CentiPad.” The director is coy when it comes to talking about who’s returning from the first film, but he assures us 12 people will be strung together to form a human centipede this time.

As for a third film? He’s got that mapped out: “Three films makes a Human Centipede for me. Three can be the combination. What I want to do is make Human Centipede III: Final Sequence. And then I donâ??t want to make any Human Centipedes again. Iâ??ve a terrific idea for it thatâ??s completely different than 1 and 2 again. I think Part 3 will make Part 2 look like a Disney film.”

Source: EW