Chillerama Fan Art Embraced By Filmmakers


Green, Lynch, Sullivan and Rifkin

Progress continues on Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan’s anthology flick Chillerama. A bit of shooting recently wrapped at Los Angeles’ New Beverly Cinema and today, Sullivan passed along the below teaser art. Here is what Sullivan had to say.

“Walking up to the New Beverly and seeing CHILLERAMA on the marquee was literally a dream come true. Adam Rifkin and I conjured up this crazy idea back in 1998 when we were working on DETROIT ROCK CITY together. We always knew this would be made when the right creative partners came along, and being able to make a monster movie with Adam Green and Joe Lynch was worth every second of a very long wait. I never felt this giddy about anything I have been involved with. It was like being back at film school. The four of us are fans at heart, and we made CHILLERAMA to remind people of the excitement we felt discovering our favorite fright flicks for the first time. Back in the day when you had to actually seek out a cult classic at a Drive-In or a Grindhouse or an obscure video store. Now, with the ability to press a button and watch practically anything, these celluloid treasures are almost a little too accessible. Watching a horror flick by yourself on a cellular phone screen smaller then an index card ain’t the way these movies were meant to be enjoyed- As a communal experience, an EVENT. We don’t view CHILLERAMA as just a film. It’s a concept. And a challenge. A challenge to fans to prove their loyalty to the genre by supporting Indie films, thus ensuring there will always be a place of exhibition where the future Masters of Horror can nurture their talents and find an audience. When twenty one year old Arkansas fan and budding filmmaker Brandon Gramling first heard of the project, he created this image and sent it to us. We were so humbled and blown away by it, we just had to use it. So now, in the pure spirit of what the project means to us, Brandon’s fan art has become the Official Chillerama Image.”

Chillerama was previously described this way:

“Cecil Kaufman owns a drive-in cinema that is being closed down. On the last night he shows four shorts.

-Rifkin’s short is called Wadzilla.

-Sullivan will direct I Was a Teenage Werebear.

-Lynch’s is called Zombie Movie.

-Green’s film is Diary of Anne Frankenstein”

Source: Shock Till You Drop