Game Show Goes Berserk, Bloody in KTD 2020 [Updated]


From the producer of Event Horizon

Update: Stacy Keach is in talks to star.

Nick Gillott, the producer of Event Horizon, is prepping a new project for Darclight called KTD 2020 – a directing vehicle for Shaun Harrison, who will be working from his script.

The film sounds like it plays on themes we’ve seen in The Running Man, Gamer and Sla$her$, however, updated for today.

Harrison is making his feature directorial debut although the guy has an extensive practical FX background having worked on films like Nightbreed, the new Star Wars trilogy and the upcoming Captain America.

Shooting is anticipated to begin on KTD 2020 this year and we’ve got a plot crunch, along with some art, to share.

In the near future, two contest winners join a cast of starts in a reality game show pandering to the public’s insatiable appetite for sensationalism and celebrity. With instant fame and fortune awaiting the winner, the contestants race through a maze determined to rack up the highest kill count.

Their targets are “regens”: regenrated criminal corpses implanted with deactivation chips for the safety of the players. But the chips fail, and as the players begin to fall, the ratings go through the roof.

In a world where the audience is king, the show must go one, and if the contestants are to survive, they must finish the game, and this time, they are playing for their lives.

Source: Shock Till You Drop