Steve Johnson Shares His I Am Legend Make-Up Tests


Check out a video of what could have been…

Makeup FX artist Steve Johnson has been spending his time exhuming old footage from his shop and posting it all online. The goodies range from gigs that didn’t fly (like his costumes for Tim Burton’s Superman Lives) or projects that ultimately succumbed to CGI (an animatronic Hulk, for instance). Johnson is baring all, offering fans fodder for “What if THAT happened?” discussions.

His most recent contribution to the online community is a video of a practical FX test for Francis Lawrence’s 2007 film I Am Legend.

When Lawrence could not get the performances he wanted out of his assortment of actors playing the film’s “infected,” the director simply opted for entirely CG creations. Check out what Johnson had in mind – far more effective than the cartoons on display in the Will Smith-starring adaptation, eh?

Source: Steve Johnson FX