So, Park Chan-Wook’s Stoker is a Vampire Film Then?


Firth might play a bloodsucker

The UK’s Daily Mail has unearthed details about Park Chan-Wook’s U.S. debut, Stoker, that back up what Shock has been hearing about the project.

Sources told us the Fox Searchlight project fit within the horror genre. Now, Daily Mail adds that it’s a vampire film, which means Chan-Wook is returning to bloodsucker territory after Thirst in 2009.

Last month, Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman were reportedly circling lead roles as an eccentric uncle and a mother, respectively. Mia Wasikowska would play a young girl who has suspicions about her uncle. Guess what? He’s a vamp – and a nasty one at that, apparently.

Hold tight for casting confirmations as they come in.

Source: Daily Mail