Matt Reeves Talks Invisible Woman & Cloverfield 2


Don’t expect the latter any time soon

Before you’re led to believe that the director of Let Me In is attached to a remake of the 1940 film The Invisible Woman or is doing some sort of Fantastic Four spin-off, let us explain.

During today’s chat with Reeves, who has hit the press circuit to discuss the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Let Me In, the director told us he’s still gunning to get a project called The Invisible Woman off of the ground.

“Naomi Watts was supposed to do it, but she had a conflict and fell out of the project,” he says. “I’m still trying to get that made. It’s a very intimate character story, with a similar tone to Let Me In, a Hitchcockian suspense style. It’s an anatomy of this one woman’s desperation. You follow her through ever step of what seems like extreme behavior, but at the end you hopefully see why every step was made.”

As for the sequel to Cloverfield, it’s all a matter of getting everyone on the same page.

“At the time, it was an idea that was fresh and exciting to make,” says Reeves. “I never shot a movie in that style before, but it was an incredible experience. We always thought there was more to explore, but we haven’t had the time to get together to discuss it. J.J. [Abrams] and Drew [Goddard] and myself need to get together and figure it out, then it will be the right time to do it.”

With Abrams wrapping up work on Super 8 and possibly doing Star Trek 2 next, scheduling might be difficult. Goddard, meanwhile, is awaiting the release of his film The Cabin in the Woods while penning Robopocalypse.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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