Exclusive: Silent House’s Chris Kentis & Laura Lau


A Sundance 2011 interview

Six years after bringing their stranded-at-sea film Open Water to Sundance, a movie that helped to define a new horror sub-genre based in reality, filmmakers Chris Kentis and Laura Lau have returned with Silent House, a remake of a horror film from Uruguay. It stars Sundance 2011 superstar Elizabeth Olsen as a young woman packing up things from her old abandoned home when she’s trapped inside with an intruder who has already taken out her father.

While the film might sound like your typical haunted-home invasion-slasher flick, Kentis and Lau figured out a way to mix three distinct sub-genres to keep horror fans guessing, though their real achievement was replicating the original film’s conceit that the entire film is done in one shot and one take.

ShockTillYouDrop.com had a chance to sit down with the filmmaking couple for a lively vieo interview about how they made the film, but don’t worry, we took extra care not to get into any sort of spoiler territory, especially for the film’s big twist. You can also read our review here.

Source: Edward Douglas