Scar 3D is Finally Coming Home


Blu-Ray, DVD details for slasher pic

Jed Weintrob’s Scar 3D languished on the shelf until it was finally issued a VOD run last October.

It looks like Phase 4 is bring the slasher pic to DVD and Blu-Ray on February 22 and it is indeed arriving in 3D with glasses.

In the small town of Ovid, Colorado, Joan Burrows (Angela Bettis) awakens in the basement morgue of Ernie Bishop, a local undertaker who secretly tortures, mutilates, and kills teenage girls. Before becoming Bishop’s latest victim, Joan manages to kill him and escape with her life. Sixteen years later and still bearing the scars of her torment, Joan returns to her hometown in time to see her niece, Olympia, be crowned Prom Queen. Soon after Joan’s arrival, murders by an alleged copycat killer begin targeting Olympia and her girlfriends. As the police investigation unfolds, all clues lead back to the mentally-fragile Joan, who must clear her name, rescue Olympia, and confront the gruesome and barbaric killer before it is too late.

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Source: Phase 4