Dark Sky’s Bitter Feast DVD Plans

A blogger get punished…

Dark Sky Films announced today that it is bringing writer-director Joe Maggio’s Bitter Feast to DVD on January 4, 2011. Special features and L.A. Film Fest trailer can be found below.

James (Phantasm II) LeGros plays snarky food blogger J.T. Franks who writes a particularly nasty review of food made by Peter Grey, an overzealous television chef. It pushes the temperamental chef over the edge. He kidnaps the writer and keeps him chained up in a basement, where he presents him with a serious of deceptively simple food challenges – from preparing a perfect egg over easy to grilling a steak precisely medium rare – then punishes him sadistically for anything less than perfection.

· Feature-length commentary with writer-director Joe Maggio along with producers Larry Fessenden, Peter Phok, Brent Kunkle, and sound designer Graham Reznick.

· Making Bitter Feast (making of)

· Joe Maggio Interviews Mario Batali

· Deleted Scene & Alternate Ending

· Teaser

· Trailer

· Feast Portraits

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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