Danny Trejo is Project X27!


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Guns, cocaine…Trejo!

Danny Rodriquez is in post-production on Project X27, presently being shopped around at the American Film Market. It stars Danny Trejo, Louis Freese, Elika Crespo, Joey Medina, Carla Sanchez, Dyana Ortelli and Richmond Arquette. You’ll find the synopsis below:

A deserted luxury resort owned by a drug kingpin serves as the top secret hiding place for a huge cache of cocaine. Wracked with paranoia, the drug dealer contacts a scientist to construct a horrifying monster to guard the stash and repel any trespassers.

This sinister status quo continues until one day, a series of unsuspecting visitors begin arriving at the resort, converging in an unwitting meeting with a grisly collective fate. The apprehension mounts as one by one, the visitors begin disappearing. With explosive tension set against an exotic beachside locale, Project X27 is a south-of-the-border thrill ride that leaves no one behind.

Also known as The Devil Inside, you can see a preview at Catch 22‘s web site.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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