AFM ’10: MTI Picks Up Five New Horror Films

Exorcism, Season, Savage and more…

Our reps at MTI Home Video have informed us that the company has acquired five new horror-thrillers for release over the next year. Those acquired at the American Film Market include…


Director: Jay Woelfel (Ghost Lake)

Acquisition from Artist View Entertainment

Genre: Horror

Synopsis: Trapped in a forgotten amusement park, a young girl finds

herself terrorized by the living memories of the park. She must break

free from the park′s grasp before she becomes its next victim.

Starring: Aimee Brooks (The Hillside Strangler, Critters 3), Damian

Maffei (Ghost Lake), William Waters and Joe Unger (A Nightmare on Elm



Director: Steven Peros (Footprints)

Acquisition from Circus Road Films

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Synopsis: The Undying stars Deadwood’s Robin Weigert as a doctor who

becomes obsessed with the ghost of a Civil War soldier dwelling in her

new home, and contrives to have his spirit live again in the body of a

violent criminal who died in her hospital.

Also starring Anthony Carrigan (The Forgotten), Jay O. Sanders (JFK),

Sybil Temtchine (The Sweetest Thing) and Wes Studi (Avatar)


Director: David Heavener

Acquisition from Insight Holdings

Genre: Horror

Synopsis: Michael San Chica is an ex-priest. He is also an

investigator documenting true events of demonic possession. When

Michael comes to the rescue of the newly possessed Tatiana McMurter,

daughter of a Baptist minister, he discovers that he has encountered

this demon before… A demon he vowed to track down and send back to

hell. Because this time it’s not business… it’s personal.

Starring: David Heavener (Evil Grave: Curse of the Maya, Angel Blade),

Roddy Piper (WWE, They Live, The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens)

and Ariel Teal Toombs (Shut Up and Shoot!).


Director: Jordan Blum (Detonate)

Acquisition from: Koan Inc.

Genre: Creature Feature / Horror

Synopsis: A blazing fire rips its way through Bear Valley National

Park. As the firefighters try to contain it, the animals are being

forced out of their habitat including a beast that was better left


Starring: Martin Kove (The Karate Kid), Tony Becker (Tour of Duty),

Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4), Shane Callahan (Gods and

Generals), Anna Enger (Meet the Browns) and Robert Pralgo (The Vampire



Director: Matt Zettell (The Cellar Door)

Acquisition from Vision Films

GENRE: Horror/Thriller

Synopsis: Warning to outsiders! When traveling through Resurrection

County, mind the signs, one false move out there could be your last.

When four suburbanite campers roll into the remote town of Enoch, they

find that southern hospitality still exists. But things are not what

they appear to be, as a weekend camping trip turns deadly. The locals

are all too happy to serve up their own brand of an eye for an eye


Starring: Dayton Knoll (Sugar Creek), Adam Huss (Demon Slayer),

Kathryn Michelle (Fallacy), Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco), Rus

Blackwell (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

Release dates and cover art is forthcoming!

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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