Young Actor Departs Laugier’s Tall Man


Director talks about the look of the film

The young man who plays Jessica Biel’s son in the forthcoming The Tall Man made an announcement via his Facebook page:

“I am not finishing the film. Please understand and be supportive,” said Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, who co-stars in the film Jodelle Ferland, Stephen McHattie and William B. Davis.

No reason was offered as to why Breitkopf departed the film. Perhaps it was tone or perhaps it was simply business.

Meanwhile, Laugier, the director, Martyrs, spoke to Screen Daily about The Tall Man, now shooting in Canada. He says it was a script that he penned several years ago and dusted off when a remake of a ’70s French film he was working on fell through.

“It’s a film set in autumn in North America and it’s very linked to a Stephen King-type atmosphere…trying to combine elements of fantasy/suspense with real people – the social Americana – you typically find in Stephen King’s books.”

Source: Facebook , Screen Daily