Garcia Going Old School With Hellraiser: Revelations


Director talks about the upcoming sequel

“We shot the whole movie in 13 days,” director Victor Garcia tells Shock Till You Drop of his experience on the upcoming Hellraiser: Revelations. The sequel quietly rolled cameras last month in Los Angeles. “I thought a lot about [the shooting schedule] when they first offered me the film, but you know what? I got to play with Pinhead and the box. I accepted the challenge.”

Garcia is promoting the release of this week’s Mirrors 2 when he talks to Shock about his Hellraiser experience. The director reveals that his cut of the film is complete and ready to present to the producers. In spite of the low budget and hectic schedule, he’s very positive about the outcome.

“What I liked about Gary’s script is that it was a Hellraiser movie,” says Garcia, “from beginning to end. I had a lot of respect for it. I grew up watching the original films, so what I did was just watched the first and second film again. Any changes to our story were inspired by what happens in those films. I went mostly practical in our FX. I was really into just throwing back to the ’80s and tried to keep the same mood and feeling – what Hellraiser meant to me, as a fan.”

For an early chat with Gary Tunnicliffe about the film, follow this link! Hellraiser: Revelations is expected to hit DVD next year.

Source: Shock Till You Drop