Gray Now Rewriting Hunnam’s Vlad

The impaler biopic by Charlie Hunnam

At the time Shock was churning out its Hollywood’s Dracula War column (which looks at a number of Drac projects in development), Charlie (Sons of Anarchy) Hunnam’s Vlad was being rewritten by Scott Kosar.

Hunnam revealed, however, in a new interview with Cable 360 that another writer is actually taking a crack at his script. On Vlad, he says, “It’s getting closer and closer. Unfortunately, I had to turn it over to another writer now because they hired a director and they wanted another rewrite to make it a production draft, and I was feeling there was just no time for the process. But they got an amazing writer—a guy called James Gray, who wrote ‘Little Odessa’ and just finished writing Brad Pitt’s new movie. And so Plan B had a good relationship with him. He doesn’t usually do rewrites. He’s an original writer. But they just sent him the script and said, ‘Listen, we would love for you to do a rewrite of this if it takes your fancy,’ expecting him to say no, and he ended up saying yes. So it was a real coup for us that we got him. And selfishly, I’m very happy because I think he’s a far better writer than I am. So I’ll get the credit for his brilliant work, which is the Hollywood way, you know.”

Anthony Mandler is attached to direct the film for Summit Entertainment.

Source: Cable 360


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