Sigourney Weaver on Her Vamps Role

Her character is “a delicious throwback to the old fashioned vampire”

While doing press for the upcoming Blu-ray releases of both the Alien Anthology and the extended edition of Avatar, Sigourney Weaver sat down and chatted with STYD about a number of upcoming projects, including her monstrous turn in Amy Heckerling’s Vamps. We’ll have the full interview posted soon, but here’s what she had to say about playing Ciccerus, a vampire queen.

“She’s kind of a delicious throwback to the old fashioned vampire,” says Weaver, “who really does enjoy doing what she does.”

The focus of Vamps, Weaver explains, is to deliver a solid story without a heavy emphasis on gore.

“When I was shooting [Vamps], they were shooting Hostel III on the floor below us,” she says, “and you could hear the screams of the actors. That’s not the kind of movie I’m interesting in seeing. [I prefer] a good monster movie with real depth. Which maybe they are. I haven’t seen them. But I’m not really interested in gore. I am interested in a good yarn with a great monster.”

Weaver also acknowledges that it’s fair to compare Ciccerus to other roles of her that have balanced humanity with something darker.

“I think that’s something that’s very interesting to me,” she offers, “At what point would Ripley’s genes go over to the other side? Is it 49/51? What is it? What is the ratio by which the thing that’s not very human will start to dominate? I think that’s something we all struggle with. We’re all trying to bring out the best version of ourselves with our kids in our communities, not the worst… Jeykll and Hyde has always fascinated us.”

Source: Silas Lesnick


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