Alamo Drafthouse Presents Bloodshots

48 hour filmmaking competition

“Dismember the Alamo” is a month long celebration of all things zombie at all 9 Alamo Drafthouse locations.

As part of the dead themed programming, the Alamo Drafthouse is holding a worldwide 48 hour filmmaking competition called “Bloodshots.”

One weekend, one assigned zombie genre, one assigned line of dialogue, one assigned weapon, and unending GLORY. In addition to the abstract glory- there will also be PLENTY of fantastic prizes! Yes, the annual Filmmaking Frenzy horror competition returns with a special zombie theme. Teams of filmmakers will have exactly 48 hours to create their own short horror movie that will feature an assigned horror subgenre. Zombies vs. Hillbillies and Zombies Vs Torture Porn are just two of the combos and mashups you can look forward to… Stay tuned for more information but for the time being- sign up and get ready to have a BLAST from October 15th at 7PM CST until October 17th at 7PM CST!

1) This competition is open to WORLDWIDE participants. Films from the finalists will be shown and judged at the Alamo Drafthouse during a live event this month. Following the event, the “best of” videos will be showcased online.

2) Register for the filmmaking competition RIGHT HERE.

3) Participants must register before 7:00 PM CST on Friday, October 15th.

4) After the filmmaking teams register (link above), they will receive FINAL instructions via email at 7:00 PM CST on Friday, October 15th.

Source: Press Release


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