Do You Agree? Big Horror Poll Yields Interesting Results

Best film of the decade and more…

The folks at polled – according to them – nearly 5,000 people and grilled them on various questions pertaining to the horror genre. Here are the results. What do you think?

What horror movie theme scares you the most?

o Exorcisms/Satan: 23.9%

o Ghosts/Hauntings: 20.8%

o Serial Killers 17%

o Darkness/Isolation: 14.2%

o Zombies: 8.6%

o Creepy Kids: 7.1%

o Monsters/Aliens: 4.1%

o Vampires: 3.6%

o Deadly Animals: 0.8%

What was the silliest idea for a horror movie?

o Jason goes to outer space in “Jason X”: 24.4%

o The deadly wind through the trees in “The Happening”: 19.4%

o Killer blenders and soda machines in “Maximum Overdrive”: 17.6%

o Chucky, the killer doll from the “Child’s Play” movies: 17.4%

o The fear of losing weight in “Stephen King’s Thinner”: 11.4%

o “The Blob”: 9.8%

Which of these horror movie icons would you least like to meet?

o Freddy Krueger: 24.7%

o Hannibal Lecter: 21.6%

o Leatherface: 16.9%

o Jigsaw: 13.8%

o Jason: 11.5%

o Michael Myers: 11.5%

The all-time best horror movie scream queen is:

o Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween”: 40%

o Jessica Biel, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”: 14.1%

o Neve Campbell in “Scream”: 10%

o Heather Langenkamp, “ A Nightmare on Elm Street”: 9.5%

o Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Scream 2,” “I Know What you Did Last Summer,” “The Grudge”: 9.0%

o Heather Donohue, “The Blair Witch Project”: 6.2%

o Naomi Watts in “The Ring”: 5.9%

o Liv Tyler in “The Strangers”: 5.4%

What’s the scariest movie of the past decade?

o Paranormal Activity: 21.6%

o The Ring: 14.4%

o Saw: 9.8%

o The Strangers: 7%

o 28 Days Later: 6.7%

o Hannibal: 6.4%

o Hostel: 5.9%

o Drag Me to Hell: 4.1%

o Dawn of the Dead: 3.6%

o The Others: 3.3%

o Shutter Island: 3.1%

o The Descent: 2.6%

o The Devil’s Rejects: 2.6%

o Final Destination: 2.6%

o Human Centipede: 0.8%

o Splice: 0.5%

o Other: 5%

Settle the debate. Zombies should move:

o Slowly: 66.2%

o Quickly: 33.8%

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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