More Details on Chillerama

The Green, Sullivan, Lynch, Rifkin anthology

Expanding on this announcement, EW has more from Adam Green on the upcoming horror anthology film called Chillerama.

“Adam Rifkin is doing a segment called Wadzilla, which is basically a take on ‘50s giant monster movies. It’s [about] a guy that goes to get his sperm count raised, and it creates one big sperm that attacks New York City. Tim Sullivan is doing something called I was a Teenage Werebear. In gay culture there’s a term ‘Bear’ for guys that are big hairy burly men, and his has kind of a Rebel Without A Cause-type feel. My segment is called The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. It’s a black and white movie about Hitler trying to create the perfect killing machine to win the war. Joel David Moore (Hatchet, Avatar) plays Adolf Hitler. It’s probably the funniest part he’s ever done. The whole movie is in German, but Joel does not know German, so he’s making up his own gibberish through the whole movie, but his subtitles are correct. The final one is being done by Joe Lynch. His is like a zombie movie with a twist—they’re more like sex zombies than zombies that just want to eat you.”

What say you? Think Chillerama is going to work?

Source: EW


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