Halloween Treats: Terry Gilliam’s Hallowdega

Starring David Arquette

Terry Gilliam (Time Bandits, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) pulled together actors David Arquette and Justin Kirk for The Legend of Hallowdega, a “filmette” that ties into the October 31 Talladega race. Before you can say “shake ‘n bake,” the project is a supernatural ditty that also calls upon some of car racing’s best drivers.

Synopsis: The comedy, the Legend of Hallowdega, explores the mysteries around Talladega Superspeedway as the host of an investigative news show (Kirk) joins forces with a techno-geek paranormal expert (Arquette) to dodge close-calls and chase crazy leads to get to the bottom of the Legend of Hallowdega.

You can find some behind-the-scenes footage with cast and crew interviews right here.

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