They Live Without the Sunglasses?

Producer talks remake of Carpenter film

In addition to talking with Shock, Strike’s Eric Newman – the producer of The Last Exorcism and The Thing (set report) – spoke with io9 about the inevitable remake of They Live over the weekend.

He told the site that his team will get to it sometime next year once Strike wraps up two other projects in development. Presently, they’re weighing the different avenues to re-tell They Live and they’re not so sure the “sunglasses” element is going to factor in.

“I’d like to say that really, a vagrant wandering around the streets could get you to try on his sunglasses, if he would leave you alone afterwards. He may even pay you $100, ‘Hey put these on.’ So we’re kind of exploring different versions of what is that thing that allows you to see. But I’m not going to tell you what it is.” He adds, “It might be something different than sunglasses.”

Start guessing now, what’s every day device is going to allow you see to aliens in disguise? Your cell phone camera?

Source: io9


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