Munsters Getting a Television Reboot!


Starting your casting speculations now

A collective groan echoed through the graveyard when it was announced a few years back that The Munsters were going to make their way to the big screen. Why a “groan”? The Wayans Bros. were involved with the project.

Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello Files reports, however, that Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) is at work on a modern-day television reboot. That’s right, the Munster family may be back on the small screen where they belong. Furthermore, Ausillo’s sources say Guillermo del Toro may be involved in some capacity behind-the-scenes.

Who do you think should play Herman Munster? Ron Perlman is an immediate go-to (especially with the del Toro connection) idea. But I’m thinking Brad Garrett, of Everybody Loves Raymond, may be a good contender.

Source: Ausiello Files