Corey Feldman Announces Lost Boys Ball

Talks new trilogy plans, series

Shock Till You Drop is fresh off an interview with those Frog brothers – Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander – where we discussed the October 12 DVD and Blu-Ray release Lost Boys: The Thirst.

As we kicked off our chat, Feldman was eager to reveal that “Live Nation and Warner Bros. [created] a new form of touring entertainment,” he explained. Does it have to do with The Lost Boys? You betcha. “What we’re going to do is have a live theatrical experience with Live Nation and the House of Blues. It will give fans the opportunity to come to the House of Blues and see the original Lost Boys in a theatrical setting. They’ll also get a sneak peek of the new film and they can come in costume – there will be a costume contest – my band Truth Movement is going to perform.”

Where will the ball be held? Feldman told me the first event will be held on October 21 at the House of Blues in San Diego. Other venues will include the Hob in Las Vegas on the 23rd, Los Angeles on the 24th and Anaheim on the 28th.

Stay tuned for official details on the ball as they come in.

To conclude our interview – which will be posted in its entirety soon – Feldman dropped this nugget of information on us. “If [The Thirst] performs as it seems it’s going to, we’re open to not only another sequel, but we’re talking three more films, a second trilogy. We’ve plotted out three more films that could bring back more original characters. We’re also talking a television series.”

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor


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