Mondo Tees: Movie Posters By Smart People for Smart People


A look at their Fantastic Fest line-up

Good God, I still love what Mondo Tees and its team of designers are doing to the dying art of movie poster creation which has been crushed by laziness, Photoshopped production photos and floating heads.

While await Mondo’s next Universal Monsters poster (their take on the original Wolf Man and Bride of Frankenstein were gorgeous), the company has revealed several posters their artists have cooked up in anticipation of Fantastic Fest, kicking off this week. There’s the best design yet for Let Me In, a bizarre one-sheet for the upcoming Rubber and what you see below, a redo poster for Roger Corman’s The Man With the X-Ray Eyes.

All of them display a sense of cleverness. Their smart. A lot of thought has been put into them, unlike some of the trash that’s currently hanging in multiplex lobbies across the nation.

See the full gallery here.

The fact that Mondo is getting some play on Yahoo! merely demonstrates their growth over the last year. Hope all of this exposure doesn’t make it that much harder to get their one-sheets when they go on sale.

Source: Yahoo!