Update: Looks Like This is Your Pseudo-Pinhead…


Full cast revealed for the latest sequel

Update: And B-D has a look at who has been cast AS Pinhead right here.

Filming wraps this week on Hellraiser: Revelations, believe it or not. When you told you this one was going to go quick, we meant quick.

Victor Garcia is at the helm and we’ve got details on who is starring. Nick Eversman, Steven Brand, Tracey Fairaway, Jay Gillespie, Sanny Van Heteren, Daniel Buran and Devon Sorvari lead the cast. Unfortunately, the Peta Wilson revealed elsewhere was prematurely announced.

What’s worth noting is that on the IMDB, actor Jay Gillespie (pictured) is listed as “pseudo Pinhead.” As you all know, Doug Bradley – who played Pinhead through eight films – turned down the opportunity to return. Gillespie is clearly much younger, so I wonder how that affects the look of “pseudo Pinhead.” The actor previous starred in Tim Sullivan’s 2001 Maniacs.

Source: Shock Till You Drop