Update: Rob Zombie’s Next Movie is…

A look at the various projects on the table

Update: Zombie stated in an interview with Waaf.com that the project is something entirely new and something he hasn’t spoke of before.

Rob Zombie announced, via Twitter, recently that “Big movie news announcement coming soon. Finally.”

The man has been touring with Alice Cooper these last few months and supervising the construction of the House of 1000 Corpses maze at Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles.

When the tour is over, Zombie has stated that he’ll return to filmmaking, but what the hell is it going to be?

Speculation can run wild, but there are a number of projects he might turn to: The Blob remake which was announced around the time Halloween II hit. Then there’s Tyrannosaurus Rex, a passion project about a boxer, that Zombie has been tinkering with. Don’t rule out another Devil’s Rejects. Zombie recently made The Devil’s Rejects 2 an option on his blog’s homepage poll which asked which film you’d like to see him next. Also, Werewolf Women of the S.S., an expansion of his Grindhouse trailer.

But what I’m really curious is if he’s seriously pursuing the “western” he’s been saying he’d like to do. In past interviews, Zombie has expressed doing a dusty gunslinger film his way, but would a studio stand behind it?

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