Adam Brody on Scream 4’s Super Meta Vibe


And his surreal experience

One of the newcomers to the Scream franchise, Adam Brody (previously seen in Jennifer’s Body), spoke to Movieline about his experience on the set of Scream 4 which is nearing the end of shooting in Michigan.

The actor delved into the nature of the sequel, namely it’s commentary on the genre. “This one’s like meta on meta on meta. Self-referencing on self-referencing. But again, because the first one is about movies, and this one’s about movies and all the murders that have taken place onscreen over the years. This one’s all about commenting on itself. And I like that. It’s part of the fun. But that’s right: I think everything is more meta and self-referential now. I think people are more plugged-in, communication works faster, people are more educated about it — how it did or whatever.”

In the film he plays a deputy to Sheriff Dewey Riley (played by David Arquette). “It was cool and kind of surreal — not just to see Ghostface, but there was one night where Wes [Craven] was directing Ghostface in his mask. He’s like, “Ghostface, you’re over there…” It was just surreal: “God, I wish I had my camera.” But to do the scenes not only in “Woodsboro,” or do them with Ghostface, but to do them with David Arquette, Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell was weird.”

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Source: Movieline