Director On Splatter Sisters, Manson’s Kenny Powers Love


Who does Marilyn play?

Interview magazine got to root of Marilyn Manson’s supposed obsession with Kenny Powers from HBO’s awesome series Eastbound & Down.

You can read all about that right here. In the article, director Adam Bhala Lough also talks about Manson’s role in the upcoming Splatter Sisters. Here’s an excerpt:

“His character is named Lars, the leader of a death metal band. He places two beautiful, young drifter girls under mind control to commit heinous acts of murder across the West Coast.” One of the girls will be played by Manson’s muse, Evan Rachel Wood. “All of the slaying is for a bizarre ‘art project’ VHS tape,” says Lough. “I’m trying to capture the look and feel of the best ‘Skinemax’ flicks from my childhood.

The film is due sometime in 2011.

Source: Interview, “Bossman80”