Indie Watch: Claus vs. Zombies Tries New 3D Conversion

This one is for the kids

ZP International Motion Pictures‘ feature film, Santa Claus vs. the Zombies, debuts this holiday season as the first ever film available in a new 3D format that plays on a standard DVD player with no special equipment.

Directed by Kentucky Filmmaker of the Decade George Bonilla and headlined by Billy W. Blackwell and Alex del Monacco, Santa Claus vs. the Zombies is a family-friendly story of a mall Santa and his elves trapped in a family’s home during the outbreak of a zombie plague and their rescue attempt by the U.S. government.

Inventors of the new 3D conversion process, Randy French and Daniel Widener, have been working with ZP to perfect their process for some time. According to director Bonilla, the 3D experience “rivals what the major studios are putting out now.”

Co-inventor of the 3D process French stated they “have future plans on pushing the 3D world to its maximum potential.”

“We have kept this news under our hat for some time,” says Bonilla. “I have to say, the finished product is spectacular. Randy and Daniel have really done some fine work with this 3-D conversion process. This will open many doors for the independent filmmaker looking to take his or her work to the next level.”

Written and directed by Bonilla, the film stars Billy W. Blackwell, Alex del Monacco, Cassidy Rae Owens, David LeMoine, Claude Miles, Stacey T. Gillespie, Tony Armstrong, Kayla Perkins, and Frank Santoroski. Producers include Tammy Bonilla, Todd Burrows, and David Sowder.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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