Snyder Describes Army of the Dead Zombies


A refresher on what it’s about

EW’s recent chat with Zack Snyder doesn’t reveal that much about the zombie picture he’s supposed to produce called Army of the Dead, however, it does have him talking about the project which has been quiet for some time.

He tells the magazine that the film’s zombies are “super scary” and gives them a description of the project: “It’s a zombie movie I’ve put together about my love of zombies. It’s set after a zombie apocalypse, about a group of guys that go after some money that has been left in Vegas, which is now a walled city full of zombies. There’s a twist, because one of guys, his daughter isâ??.”

For some reason, EW is coy about spoiling any more details, however, regular Shock readers will recall we spoke to co-producer, and Zack’s wife, Deborah about the film in 2007 (right here) when she told us this: “Basically, something happened in Vegas and there was this huge outbreak of these zombies that were killing people. So to contain it they basically contain Vegas. The city is this wasteland with walls around it and all of these zombies are inside. One of our characters goes in there to investigate and gets trapped inside and her father goes in to search for her. He can’t do it alone so he gets a group of mercenaries under the guise that there’s money still in the casinos, because they don’t care about his daughter. There’s also a plotline of what’s really going on – like, the containment isn’t so contained and there are cover-ups. We think it’s really fun. ‘Dawn’ was set in a mall and come on, Vegas is the perfect place to set a zombie film and you can have a lot of fun with that!”

Perhaps with Legend of the Guardians on the way and Sucker Punch in post-production Zack is mulling over what to do with Army. Joby Harold scripted and The Thing‘s Matthijs van Heijningen was supposed to direct.

Source: Entertainment Weekly