Carpenter Cryptic About the Future


Fangland, L.A. Gothic

John Carpenter has been much more vocal in the press as of late with The Ward prepping to make its Toronto International Film Festival debut. Most of the interviews I’ve read are short and sweet. The man doesn’t say much, but he’s honest in saying what’s on his mind.

Icons vs. Icons spoke to Carpenter recently and got the drop on a few upcoming projects like:

Fangland: The adaptation starring Hilary Swank. “It is a novel that has been turned into a script and we are still trying to get a good screenplay out of it. Somebody at the office said ‘Would you like to do this?’ I read it and I thought it had a very interesting idea. So, now we will just have to see if we can get it there.”

L.A. Gothic: “Which has undergone a title change. I actually have a copy of the script which I am supposed to read this weekend and we will see where we go from there.”

Carpenter also expresses his love for David Fincher, laments the demise of Hollywood’s creativity and more. Check out the full interview right here.

Source: IconvsIcon