Chris Alexander in Pre-Production on Blood Opera

Another Rue Morgue vet behind the camera

Rodrigo Gudino. Jovanka Vuckovic. Now Chris Alexander – formerly of Rue Morgue, now editor at Fangoria – is in pre-production on Blood Opera.

According to the film’s Facebook page, it’s “an independently produced thriller whose aim is to re-capture the spirit, style, tone and mood of the great European horror pictures of the 1970s.”

Further digging on that page yielded this synopsis: Blood Opera follows the final nights of the ancient, beautiful and lethal parasite Irina as she stalks the most dangerous sections of the city, hunting for the blood that keeps her dead heart beating. When a mysterious woman discovers her secret, Irina decides to share the curse that has forever made her a prisoner of the dark. The blood opera has begun…

Long Shadow Pictures will produce.

Last week, former Rue Morgue editor Vuckovic announced her own plans for a film with executive producer Guillermo del Toro.

Source: Chris Alexander


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