Green, Lynch, Sullivan, Rifkin Team for Chillerama


An upcoming horror anthology film

The cat is out of the bag. The project which has stirred up rumblings in the horror circles has been revealed.

Over the weekend, at Film4’s Frightfest in London, the announcement came that Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan have teamed up for an anthology horror film called Chillerama.

Here’s the word from Bleeding Cool.

Cecil Kaufman owns a drive-in cinema that is being closed down. On the last night he shows four shorts. Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam green and Joe Lynch are the directors.

-Rifkin’s short is called Wadzilla. It’s about a man trying to raise his sperm count with horrific/comedic results.

-Sullivan will direct Curse of the Werebears. That’s bears, as in Tom of Finland.

-Lynch’s is called Zombie Movie. He promises that when hell is full, the dead will fuck the Earth.

-Green’s film, Diary of Anne Frankenstein, is set in the 40s. Hitler tries to make a killing machine. Kane Hodder plays a Jewish Frankenstein monster.

Source: Bleeding Cool