Want to Hear Tomandandy’s Theme for Resident Evil?

Three tracks available now

Curious as to who’s behind the music featured in those clips we’ve seen over the last 24 hours for Resident Evil: Afterlife? It’s a little bit grind-y, a little synth-y, a bit reminiscent of Tangerine Dream.

Well, Tomandandy did the score. They landed on the map with Killing Zoe in the ’90s and have since worked on The Rules of Attraction, Arlington Road and Mean Creek. Genre-wise, they contributed to The Strangers, P2, The Mothman Prophecies and, shudder, The Covenant. They’ve got a score for And Soon the Darkness, starring Amber Heard and Odette Yustman, on the way.

If you head to their official site you can listen to three tracks from Afterlife if you click on “music” and their Resident Evil poster.

Source: Official Site


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