Update: Scream 4 Teaser, Hostel: Part 3 Theatrical?

Underworld 4 poster & more

Update: Our own sources that work on the theater circuit tell us to be skeptical about this document.

A bevy of poster and teaser trailer info comes by way of an internal theater document from Regal Entertainment.

According to this sheet of paper (we’re checking our own sources to see if this is legit), a Scream 4 teaser trailer is due some time this November.

What’s even more interesting is that Hostel: Part III is listed as having a poster and a teaser trailer due for the fall. The Scott Spiegel-directed threequel takes place in Vegas and, we were led to believe, was slated for direct-to-DVD like many of Sony Stage 6’s productions. Stay tuned for confirmation.

Underworld 4 is listed here as having a one-sheet and a teaser, as well as Final Destination 5 which is said to have a poster soon. The latter is likely, but Underworld 4 teaser trailer? They better work fast.

Again, there’s some intel on this list that’s easy to swallow, but other details have me scratching my head.

Source: Scream-Trilogy


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