Indie Watch: A Massacre in Madison County

An early trailer for the slasher flick

Shooting begins in a few weeks on Madison County, a new film featuring the FX work of Almost Human and finds actor Nick Principe playing a baddie again. Nick also played the killer in Rob Hall’s Laid to Rest. Madison County is written and directed by Eric England. You’ll find the full synopsis and a sales trailer below.

A group of college kids travel to a small, mountain town called Madison County to interview the author of a tell-all book on the accounts of several grisly murders that happened there. But when the kids get to Madison County, the author is no where to be found and the towns people act like they haven’t seen him in years. They also say that the killer never existed and the murders never happened. However, when the kids start digging around to get their own answers, they find out that the stories maybe more real than the townspeople are letting on!

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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