Update: Matthew Lillard Lurking About Scream 4?

More new pics from the set

Update: Apparently, Lillard is in Michigan shooting a baseball film. Hence the reason he was visiting the Scream 4 set.

Surprised this wasn’t picked up earlier and we apologize for the tardiness, but it seems another original Scream cast member may be back for Scream 4.

Matthew Lillard. Is he back? Maybe. Maybe not.

Ann Arbor.com reports Neve Campbell was seen having dinner with the actor while on break from shooting. It might just mean Lillard is visiting the set (he was in Scream 2 as an uncredited party goer) and reuniting with old friends. Or, Craven and Williamson have other plans for him.

In related news, more pics from the set have surfaced – like the one you see below. Follow this link for more!

Source: Ann Arbor


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