Would George Romero Do The Walking Dead?

And what’s he at work on now?

Note to Frank Darabont, AMC and the team behind The Walking Dead: It might seem like a natural fit to bring George Romero on board to direct an episode of the series pulled from the pages of Robert Kirkman’s comic book, but it’s easier said than done.

While talking about the August 24 DVD and Blu-Ray release of his sixth zombie outing Survival of the Dead, Romero told me he hasn’t been approached yet to contributing to The Walking Dead and he was frank in explaining why he’d likely turn down the gig.

“I’d probably say no,” he said. “I’m sitting here at home, my zombies are in the closet and I have my own peculiar way of using them. I’m clinging to my own franchise, as peculiar as that is. It’s not big box office, but it’s mine and I’ll stick with it.”

While those zombies are stored away for the time being – awaiting to be released once again if Romero has his way and directs two back-to-back undead pictures – the man he presently writing an original film.

“It’s a non-zombie horror thing,” he revealed. “It’s the first thing I’ve written where I’m really trying to get under your skin a little bit. Actually scare you. Not since Night of the Living Dead have I tried to be creepy with anything. It’s all been comic book, tongue-in-cheek scares. A loud scare and a quick movement can make you jump, but it’s not scary. So I’m writing that. If the zombie films don’t happen, maybe this one will.”

Stay tuned for my full interview with Romero…

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor


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